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Monday, 20. January 2020 18:17
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mani fox
Thursday, 26. May 2005 16:34  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Jean & Lou,
Thankyou so much for letting us stay at your beautiful villa.It was even nicer than we thought from the photos!! It was
clean and spacious and a perfect size for
the eight of us. My daughters Emma and Scarlett adored the pool, which came as a welcome relief after a full day at the parks. It was a real luxury for us too to have such a lovely big bedroom and en suite.We have been to Florida four times now and we feel your home is the most ideal location. As well as recommending it to all our friends we hope to be back as soon as possible...thanks again Mandi and Wayne fox and family x
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The Millers and The Shackels  
Crawley, West Sussex England
Sunday, 17. April 2005 11:23  Write a comment

An excellent villa, very comfortable and well equipped. Location also very good and using the short-cut to Disneyworld is only 3.5 miles.
Very helpful owners.
We can certainly recommend this villa.
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Monday, 11. April 2005 17:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

Your site is very interesting and useful. Thank you.
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Friday, 8. April 2005 15:52  Write a comment

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Dwayne & Marla Singer
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Monday, 14. March 2005 21:52  Write a comment Send E-mail

Jean & Lou,

Thanks for opening up your villa for my family to enjoy duriing our vacation during the first 2 weeks of March. The pool was a huge hit with everyone especially after walking all day at the parks. The whole process from booking to pay was extremely easy. I will be recommending your villa to our many friends and family to enjoy if they are ever in Orlando.

Thanks again from the Singer's.
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Lynda and Lee Miles
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Monday, 21. February 2005 16:00  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Jeanne and Lou,
You have provided a spectacular vacation and surrounding for us, our children, and grandchildren. You thought of everything needed to make a family happy and comfortable! Thanks sooo much. Your house was the RIGHT CHOICE!!!
Lee and Lynda
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Sunday, 20. February 2005 22:29  Write a comment Send E-mail

We had an awesome stay at your home in January. The location is ideal, for quick entrance to the Disney parks. The house was like our home away from home. Plenty of space and amenities. We will definately be returning and will absolutely recommend the house to everyone we know! Thanks for everything!
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Debbie Chard
Thursday, 17. February 2005 04:15  Write a comment Send E-mail

Lovely clean, spacious villa. Internet and playstation were fantastic to have. Great location too. Would highly recommend. Lou was great to deal with - guided me through the Paypal process without a hitch.

Thank you so much!

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ray and bobbi weaver
auburn ny
Monday, 7. February 2005 13:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

we have not yet had the pleasure of staying at your home yet but we are trying to plan a time very soon . you have always replied to my emails right away and have been so kind to us everytime we have contacted youabout your home . we are trying to get there due to we need a vacation very badly due to almost losing our 8yr old son last year due to being hit by a car and it has been a very long road getting him back to good health ,along wiht having 3 other children as many people knwo it is a stressful job to take care of them and have them have the best in life . we cannot wait to come to florida and hopefully stay at your home it sounds like a dream and we need one right now . so we'll keep in touch and hopefully be able to stay at your home when we come there .thank you so much for your kindness and caringness . hope to meet you soon and get to come there by spring sometime. a much needed vacation would be the best thing for our whole family . thanks again the weavers auburn ny
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Lemm Family
Wednesday, 26. January 2005 01:52  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Jean & Lou
Thanks for making our stay at your villa in January so wonderful. You are easy to work with and we appreciated all your help with the questions we had.
The home is very accommodating for a large or small group. Our 2 five year old granddaughters loved the Mickey room and the pool. They swam almost every night. We would definately stay there again and reccommend it to others.
Thanks again,
Ernie & Nancy
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Saturday, 1. January 2005 14:22  Write a comment

what a great vacation my family and I had. We came in the day after Thanksgiving. We left the 7th of Dec. When we opened the door it was like heaven. The pool was great. We made the mistake of staying four days at a time share. We should have stayed the full 11 days at the house. We will stay here again for sure. Very clean and home like feeling. The pool was great. The back way directions you gave us were great. We had no problem finding all the parks. We were treated very well with all of your services.
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Hellegouarc'h family
Thursday, 30. December 2004 17:09  Write a comment Send E-mail

We had a great vacation in Florida
Your house was spacious and clean, and we particularly loved the swimming pool with the warm water.

We& #8217 d also like to compliment you with the perfect and professional way this house rental was done.
Everything from the first email exchange to the restitution of the deposit went smoothly, and that certainly added to a relaxed vacation.

We hope to be able to come back to your house next time we come to Florida.

Thanks so much, and we wish you all the best for 2005.

Franck and Josephina and little Max Hellegouarc& #8217 h
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brenda r
greenville, wisconsin
Tuesday, 28. December 2004 09:51  Write a comment Send E-mail

we stayed at the villa from 11-26-04 thru 12-3-04 and had a great time!! the home was everything the web page indicates! we had a party of 7 stay at the home and everyone had " their space" , perfect option for families traveling together. the location was great for seeing all the parks and local attractions. the weather was chilly for this time of year so the added heat in the pool was well worth the expense. the mgmt company the pannulo's use was good also, no unexpected changes or surprises, easy to locate. the house was very clean and well maintained also by their company. When we travel to florida again will definitely contact this site for another reservation!! Keep up the nice job!!!!
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Steve Twycross
Sunday, 29. August 2004 15:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

I must write to you to let you know that we all had the most wonderful time staying in your lovely villa in Florida.

We were all apprehensive when we took off for Florida as it was the day after hurricane Charley, and we had heard that Kissimmee had been badly hit. We were fearing the worst and wondered if your villa had been damaged. As we were driving down the Greeneway and along the 192 we could see all the devastation caused by Charley. There were trees lying over, some snapped in two, there were lots of neon signs damaged and lots of houses with parts of their roof missing. The further we drove along the 192, towards Lindfields, you could see that there was less and less damage caused by the storm, and when we arrived at the villa there was a huge sigh of relief to see that all was well.
When we walked into the villa, everyone was most impressed, and we knew that we had chosen a great villa as our home for the two weeks, and I must admit that it really felt like home. All of the rooms were well proportioned and well layed out, and the children loved the Mickey Mouse bedroom and the swimming pool even more so.
So all in all we had an absolutely " Fantasmic!" time, and if we ever come back we will definitely be checking out your villa again.

Thanks a lot,
Steve and family and friends.
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Willie Williams
Fredericksburg, Va
Sunday, 25. July 2004 11:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

The accomdations were absolutely wonderful. IF and when you travel to the Orlando area, you would foolish not to stay at the wonderful home. My family and I felt as if we were home.
The wonderful deco of the home and pool
were exactly what we needed after visiting the sights of Orlando area.

Thank You very much for allowing us to
stay. Willie & Karen Williams
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Andrea and David Seddon
North Carolina, USA
Monday, 19. July 2004 20:48  Write a comment Send E-mail

We were all smiles when we saw your villa. It was perfect for our family needs and very well equipped with PS2, DVD, TV's etc. The pool alarms were very useful wqith our 2 year old seen in the picture with our eldest daughter.

We will defnitely return at some future date. Thanks again.

Andrea and David Seddon
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Christine Peterson
Edgewater, Maryland
Friday, 14. May 2004 10:44  Write a comment Send E-mail

Jeanie & Lou, 4-27-04 - 5-7-04

Wow!!!! We had a wonderful vacation!!!! Your home was just beautiful. The kids Zachary (5) and Danielle (8) loved the Mickey Mouse room and swimming pool. It was hard to keep them out of the pool. This was their first trip to Disney and they loved every minute of it. Before the plane even touched ground for home the kids wanted to know when they could go back to the " Disney House."

Thank you for sharing your home with us.

Christine, Jamie, Danielle & Zachary Peterson, Janet & Bo Martin, Christine Hoffacker & Gidget Humphreys

Edgewater, Maryland
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The goodchild family(8)
Wednesday, 28. April 2004 10:45  Write a comment Send E-mail

Our Family Are Going To Visit In 4 Months And We All Cant Wait Ther Is Mag And Tony Mam And Dad Of Marc(17) And Kayleigh(12)And Lisa And Colin Mam And Dad Of Lee(14)And Chloe(10)we carnt wait and we Hope Its Going To Be A Holiday Of Our Dreams
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Carlos M. Rivera
Monday, 12. April 2004 01:03  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have in consideration for my vacation in 2005.
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Cathy Kagel
Johnsonville, NY
Thursday, 5. February 2004 21:17  Write a comment Send E-mail

Your house was just gorgeous. It was so nice to come back to a nice quiet neighborhood after a long day at the parks. I would recommend this home to anyone because to us it was a magnificant and wonderful stay. We stayed 10 nights and cannot wait to return again if available. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to be able to enjoy such a great home in a short period of time.

George, Cathy, Michelle, George, and Stephanie
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