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Yanir Jibly  
Friday, 27. November 2009 13:02  Write a comment

The villa included everything specified by the owners, exceeding our greatest expectations. It had everything you need to make yourself at home and feel as if you are not on a vacation at all! At some point we started thinking about how life may be living in that villa and in the quiet neighborhood and we'll consider it! The villa is really well furnished, has tons of dishes and all the amenities you'll ever need to have a great stay. The nearby supermarket on 192 was great - we bought some food, cooked dinner and it was awesome overall. The villa also has a great location, being around 20 minutes from the disney parks and it's really easy to get around once you get to know the place. All in all, we had a great time at the villa and it was a very pleasant stay. Everyone told me this was a superior choice and I've done well :) Thanks again Jeanie and Lou, for all your help, quick responses and generally making our stay outstanding!
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